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Pie chart of quiz results

Activation Memory: A Deep Dive using PyTorch

Activation memory diagram thumbnail.

Activation Memory: What is it?

Stable diffusion images.

Personalizing Stable Diffusion with Determined

arXiv/viXra: ML Project

Pie chart of quiz results

arXiv/viXra Quiz

Can you distinguish papers from arXiv and viXra?

confusion matrix for quiz results

arXiv/viXra - Introduction

Questions and goals.

Corner plot of arxiv/vixra data

arXiv/viXra - The Data


Learning rate finder plot.

arXiv/viXra - Workflow

Tools and process.

Plot of logistic regression cumulative weights.

arXiv/viXra - Baseline Models

Starting simple.

Plot of recurrent neuron excitations.

arXiv/viXra - Simple Recurrent Models

Working memory.

Heatmap of cosine-similarity between various words.

arXiv/viXra - Embeddings

Pointy words.

Physics Posts

Picture of Gaussian random field realization

Gaussian Fields

What they are and how to generate them simply.

Equation defining natural units

Natural Units Convertor

Computing in units where \(\hbar=c=k_B=1\) (and sometimes \(G_N=1\), too)

Previous Research Interests (Physics)

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Picture displaying 'Undisciplined Podcast' text

Gravity Falls

Discussed 1909.05254 and related exciting research on black holes.

Picture displaying 'Quanta Magazine' text

Black Hole Paradoxes

Popular article about black holes beyond General Relativity featuring my 1909.05254

Selected Talks

Title slide for Pitt-PACC 2020 seminar

Pitt-PACC Seminar

March 2020

Title slide for DAMTP 2019 seminar

DAMTP, U. Cambridge GR Seminar

April 2019

Title slide Utrecht colloquium 2017

Universiteit Utrecht, Nico van Kampen Colloquium

June 2017

Title slide EPFL 2016 seminar

École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) Seminar

October 2017